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Medispec Sdn Bhd. Student Internship Program
(Vitamode E-Commerce Division)


       1. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
       2. Product Management
       3. Communications


Student field of study:

  1. Marketing and Communications
  2. Marketing and Finance
  3. Journalism (Mass communication)
  4. Public Relations (Mass communication)
  5. International Business
  6. Nutrition and Dietetics

Why intern with us?!
Just as our company is continually growing, we believe it is important to expand our ways of thinking and doing by attracting young, bright minds. We would like to offer local and international students the opportunity to gain real-work experience in our newly established E-Commerce and Digital Marketing division! The flexible nature of our team will allow the prospective Intern to contribute and influence the digital-marketing decisions of the company in a fun and exciting working environment.

About the company:
Medispec is a leading distributor and marketer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products based in Malaysia. The company was established in Penang over 30 years ago and has more recently expanded its office base into Kuala Lumpur. Medispec products are distributed internationally in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, India and Bangladesh. The company is ISO certified, meaning our management system is of adequate quality.

Vitamode ®, daughter brand of Medispec, has been developed to assist in the pursuit of a wholesome wellbeing, inspiring people to live a lifestyle of sustainable health and quality. Vitamode® offer a range of health and supplement products that aim to assist and encourage people to live healthier, happier lives. It’s a busy but exciting time for Vitamode® as we are in the process of penetrating the South-East Asia market with our new E-Commerce division (and this is where we need you)!

We need people who are:

  1. Eager to learn
  2. Willing to go the extra-mile
  3. Discipline & Focused
  4. Ready for real-work experience
  5. Well aware of the latest trends and technology
  6. Understand the importance of living a healthy & fulfilled lifestyle
  7. Love making work, FUN!

What will you Learn?

  1. the usage of web analytics tools
  2. analysis of data to make informed marketing decisions
  3. how to grow and manage an E-Commerce business
  4. ways to communicate and engage with Online Audiences
  5. tactics to converting leads to sales

Scope of Work: (will vary depending on field of study)

  1. Curating Social Media Contents
  2. Producing General Health & Well-Being articles creatively
  3. Researching of global search trends on health-related topics
  4. Initiating PR activities online and on-ground to build Brand Awareness & Authority
  5. Identifying potential collaboration with brands / events of similar target audience to grow web traffic

Finer details:
– Three months minimum
– Full-time working hours
– Paid
– Located in Petaling Jaya

Contact Us:
If you are interested in this internship opportunity or have any further questions, we would love to hear from you!
Please contact us using the following email address and we will get in touch with you.

Internship Duration: Minimum 3 months

Monthly Allowance: Contact us for allowance enquiry


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