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Are you interested in building the impossible and crunch through data in your spare time? If yes, we’ll love to talk!

As a software intern, you will be working with our team to generate beautiful code. You will be directly building the technical backbone of Poladrone.

Familiarity with either front end code (Javascript/PHP/CSS) or back end code (Sql, C++) is highly preferred.

A passion for drones is a MUST!

Key Responsibility Includes:

  • Taking full accountability for a project with guidance and support from our team
  • List of available projects
    • Website Interface Development
      • Our clients want information to be presented clearly to them as well as multiple tools to plan their decisions online.
      • You will be responsible in adding features to our website to improve our customer’s experience and what they can do with the data presented.
    • Azure Cloud Architecture
      • We are looking at efficient ways to structure and maintain our servers to ensure maximum reliability at a reasonable cost.
      • You will be looking at ways to streamline our virtual servers and automating different processing functions between servers.
    • Hardware to Software Integration
      • We seek to ensure that our hardware works flawlessly with our software and reduce operation hassle faced by our clients.
      • You will be enabling our hardware to talk and work autonomously with our servers by experimenting with different communication protocols, data formats, servers, etc.
    • Andriod App Development with Mavlink Protocol
      • We are integrating flight control, data upload, live view amongst other features into a single app to allow the best experience for our customers.
      • You will work on developing an android App for our clients using ardupilot.
    • Your project! Tell us if you have a ground-breaking idea and we’ll be sure to keep our ears open!

To apply:

  • Send us an email at titled: “Software Intern: Application – [YourName]”
  • Include your resume and a short brief on why you’re perfect for this role


  • Basic living allowance
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Access to latest drone tech and gadgets

Monthly Allowance: > RM500


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