Research Executive 研究执行员 (95 views)

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As a research executive, you’ll specialise in one type of research – consumer or industrial, social or political. You’ll carry out research using one of 2 main methods:

Quantitative – analysis based on numbers, from surveys of large samples of people
Qualitative – analysis based on language, from focus groups and in-depth questionnaires

Depending on the type of research, in your work you’ll usually:

Meet clients to discuss research projects
Come up with a plan or proposal and present it to the client
Manage research projects from inception to completion
Involved in project design, supervise data collection, extracting market insights and strategic analysis and recommendations.

Most jobs involve a lot of computer work, for background research and to analyse information and produce reports

Internship Duration: 3 months

Monthly Allowance: > RM500

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