1.   Liaisons between the employer and the client.
  2.   Establish and maintain good-nature, cooperative relationships with   the print and  electronic media (local and international) and clients  (local and international).
  3.  Writing of press releases, editing newsletters, reports, brochures,    speeches, product   information, trade magazine articles and other   communications material. 
  4.   Develop networking with reporters, producers and editors in print     and broadcast media. 
  5.  Exposure in business events, branding exercise, media  campaigns, conferences, product  launch and event launch.


  1.  PR-related including journalism, marketing, media, administration, management and  communications.
  2.   Strong written and oral communications skills. 
  3.   Problem-solving and analytical abilities  
  4.   Attention to detail 
  5.   Ability to manage multiple projects and adjust priorities.
  6.   Excellent “people skills,” including active listening
  7.   Strategic planning skills
  8.  Technical skills (computer savvy, eye for design, digital media           knowledge)
  9.    Characteristics  :
    • Always ready
    • Investigative spirit.
    • Great storyteller.
    • Persuasive prowess.
    • Connection cultivator.
    • Punctuality matters.
    • Willing to learn.
    • Detail oriented.
    • Adventurous attitude
    • Pleasant and Presentable


  1. Completing the internship in Orlaith Inc can greatly improve an individual’s job prospects.
  2. Orlaith Inc will provide you with some real experience to go along with your great education.
  3. Orlaith Inc will provide you with great examples of the professional-quality work.
  4.  Orlaith Inc will help you to build a network of professional contacts.
  5.  This internship programme will allow you to apply your education to real-world work and develop relevant skills and expertise.
  6.  This internship programme is a great way for you to learn what you like and don’t like on the job. One of the best things about our field is its incredible breadth. If you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s relatively easy to change career directions in public relations. It can be a great way to help you figure out what you like and don’t like about various career possibilities. This learning process helps you determine your career direction as you move forward

Internship Duration: 3 - 6 months

Monthly Allowance: RM 300

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