Operations Internship (7 views)


1. To attend and follow-up promptly on walk-in and telephone enquiries.

2. To assist in marketing strategies in exploring new sources of referrals, including planning and organizing branding or other networking events.

3. To assist in preparing data and reports for daily census, enquiries and monthly management meeting.

4. To ensure operations and care documentations are up-to-date and to localize contents when it is necessary.

5. To verify amount of used consumable and surgical items to be billed to the monthly invoice.

6. To assist in managing stock count, replenishment and reconciliation.

7. To handle resident /sponsors’ feedback in a professional manner.

8. To look into ways in improving the day to day operation process.

9. To explore growth and business opportunities for the company.

10. To support sales and marketing team in the administration and after sales services.

11. Perform any other duties or tasks as assigned by immediate superior.

1. Final year’s University / College Student major I Business Administration, Marketing, Health Sciences or equivalent.
2. Required skills in MS Excel, MS Office and Powerpoint.
3. Good communication skills.
1. Ability to work independently and to multi-task.
2. Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
3. Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
4. Proficient with MS Office.

Internship Duration: 3 TO 5 MONTHS

Monthly Allowance: > RM500

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