Management Consultant Intern (207 views)

Damansara Heights (Project Office)

Management Consultant Intern at an established consulting firm with multinational clients headed by a highly regarded industry personality.


To assist Principal Consultant on actual projects, learn about strategic planning, business planning, mind mapping, strategic roadmaps, Entrepreneurship and implementing and monitoring projects for clients in Malaysia and Internationally. Among other skills – makes you employable and richer in experience. 

Exciting environment! Passionate People and Vibrant and Dynamic Vibes!

Internship Allowance from RM500. With performance based incentives offered. Also offering employment opportunities based on program and evaluation.

Potential to travel and attend external training programs.

Vital exposure to real life projects. Based on a structured and proven program.

Limited number of vacancies available. Send Detailed CV and recent photo to .

Internship Duration: 3 months to 6 months

Monthly Allowance: RM 500


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