Junior Technician (442 views)

Junior Technician duties and responsibilities.

  1. 1. Assemble parts or components via fitting, building or reconstruction of various parts to complete the process of components amalgamation.
  1. 2. Read and understand schematic diagrams, blueprints, product manual, process documents, drawing diagrams, and gather information regarding its parts, fixtures, tools, mechanical drawing , etc.
  1. 3. Set up, arrange and operate equipment or machine as per the specification and instruction given by the supervisor.
  1. 4. Perform regular test and inspection procedure to ensure that the product is formed in accordance with given specification and updated results to supervisor for further analysis or action required.
  1. 5. Play an active role in identifying areas of improvement during components amalgamation by conveying it to the senior personal.
  1. 6. Ensure timely assembly of products to maintain efficiency and keep abreast with production targets.
  1. 7. To assist in compliance related matters with regards to ISO 13485 & ISO 9001.
  1. 8. Assist in inventory related matter such as stock keeping, issuing materials, and checking material received.
  1. 9. Assist the Chief Technology Officer in all matters related to Research & Development.

Internship Duration: 6 above

Monthly Allowance: > RM500


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