Internship for Trading Officer (127 views)

Leywinterua Trading Sdn Bhd.

Our company are doing machine and ingredient trading. 
①   F&B supplier, one stop ice cream business supplier. 
②   Food truck equipment supplying and designing. 
③   Mobile battery power system for mobile business with Great Marketing Future. 

We need fresh internship student to join us. Work with us, improve with us and train yourself.

During your Intern period: 
★  You can learn how to do business and operate a company       

Product Ordering, Logistics arrangement, Store management. 

★  The Skills that how to negotiate and deal with customer. 

 Operate the Cloud Accounting system, accounting knowledge. 

★  Designing skills on advertisements, Poster, Fryer, Brochures. 

 WeChat Public official account management and advertisement. 

★  Product Developing, Battery knowledge, Solar power knowledge. 

 The knowledge of Ice cream, Yogurt, Juice…..And more. 

We have future but we need people, you will learn what you want while get what you want. 

Monthly Allowance: RM 400


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