Internship For Sales & Marketing (70 views)

  1. Plan, coordinate and successfully carry out sales and marketing activities creatively and effectively
  2. Manage campaigns on social media
  3. Build and maintain social media platforms to enhance the visibility of the Company
  4. Run online marketing via e-mail, sms, facebook, ig and ws
  5. Managing the production of marketing materials
  6. Build relationship with designers and printers
  7. Maintain and update customer profile data
  8. Conduct market research, for example by using customer surveys and focus groups
  9. Generate new sales through multiple channels to build database clients Participate in direct marketing activities, external promotions, launches and so on
  10. Provides information about the services provided
  11. Serve customers who want to deal with the Company
  12. Make direct negotiations with customers either via telephone, social media or face-to-face
  13. Help customers face problems until the issue is resolved
  14. Post a record of questions, comments and complaints
  15. Helps to handle business social sites for business promotion purposes
  16. Ensure safety and cleanliness in the boutique environment

Internship Duration: 3-6 month

Monthly Allowance: Contact us for allowance enquiry

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