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  1. Greeting & entertain customer at the best way
  2. Provide high quality customer service
  3. Offer timely technical support and teach users or customer how to utilize computers correctly
  4. Snap picture before and after service.
  5. Send to customer via whatsapp for customer satisfaction
  6. Follow-up customer for confirmation to proceed for service or item pickup
  7. Follow-up customer after customer pickup their item
  8. Fill up job sheet when accept item from customer
  9. Receive issues, update job sheet accordingly to SOP
  10. Key-in data customer into system
  11. Arrange customer’s item according to FIFO system
  12. Up sales other services to customer to maximize profit
  13. Print receipt customer after complete service
  14. Snap customer picture & post to media social with service that customer taken
  15. Backup data customer according to S.O.P provide
  16. Performs all repairs and test including handle hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and support on any technical issues for laptops and desktops
  17. Perform desktop, laptop and phone assembly, installation, testing and troubleshooting
  18. Provide support for software & hardware upgrading that includes installation, configuration and troubleshooting of application systems problems
  19. Perform documentation steps assign by superior
  20. Keep detailed records of repairs and fixes for future reference
  21. Assist to report and purchase necessary parts for servicing to management
  22. Write and submit incident report to management
  23. Work with team members in completing job assignments
  24. Do inventory count at the end of the week and month
  25. Perform simple marketing by post in Facebook feed or group and Instagram
  26. Do daily report and submit to management
  27. Perform simple tiny to keep working area safe, clean and healthy
  28. Other duties as assigned.

Internship Duration: 3-6 month

Monthly Allowance: Contact us for allowance enquiry

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