Internship for Business/ Marketing (330 views)


Awesome Internship Experience With Us:

1. If you are looking for a platform to prepare youself for your future venture or career path, applying the theories from your studies into real life business, this will be the right place for you.

2. We believe “Happiness is the New Productivity”, hence we hire talents with great attitude to ensure the working culture in our company is always fun and optimised.

3. Our office is cool and comfortable, furnished with sofas, fridge with beers and juices, free flow snacks and chocolates, coffee machine etc, allowing our talents to have their private chill-out areas. 

4. You will be given the opportunity to deal business with top management from brands such as Starbucks, Uniqlo, Hilton etc, exposing yourself to various industries and businesses.

5. You will not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience what professionals in the real business world are doing, learn all of the business skillsets and SOP, and be a part of this awesome team with great culture. 
6. Candidates who perform will be given a chance to lead a team during the internship. This opportunity will be great to demonstrate your leadership and management experience. Having this experience to be included in your resume can really help you to stand out in your future career. 

Internship Duration: 3-6 months

Monthly Allowance: > RM500


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