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Graphic Designs Intern

Career description

Human beings are visual creatures that’s why graphics are so important. As a modern-day Picaso with a Photoshop brush, you understand how visual, product, and interactive design work together to propel a business’s success and build a solid brand identity.

You’ll create and design visually appealing images for our internal and external usage such as company profile, social media posts, events i.e: images, swags, posters, brochures, logos, booklets, stage design, and more depending on what challenges you prefer too! Your role is crucial to us as we want a creative jedi who is able to suggest ideas on how to build great art strategies and concept for events and digital art.You will work together with company’s business development, operation and marketing colleagues.

Bonus: If you are looking for a working environment with family bonding culture, hungry to grow, your voice matters, reward you right and your existence is important in building the company, don’t hesitate, Apply Now!  

What do we do:

We’ve made a video just for you (and of course our potential clients). Have a glimpse here:

Alternatively to view successful past events: head on to our past events sections and blog on our website:

Most of events pre-work are done in office environment. On certain days, we will be outside either for running events, setting up for events, venue recce or just lunching and bonding together.

Team dynamics:

Being a young company, our structure is very flat. You’ll be working closely with everyone in the company no matter the senority or position. We work in a very open environment where we encourage open communication, sharing of ideas and helping each other out even if it’s outside your usual scope of work. That way you will understand each other’s job better whilst learn different skill set. 

We also work with other partners or specialists in the area of their work. That way we get the best brains to work together in a project and meet new friends! Most importantly, you’ll also get to learn from them.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Contribute idea to the design concept for an event or product (courses / workshop)
  • Make boring things look exciting and fun
  • Design booklets, posters, flyers, brochures for events
  • Product marketing images to be placed in website, Facebook, Instagram
  • Take pictures during event
  • Help to setup for events i.e: printings, erecting buntings, registrations and etc.
  • Suggest ideas in building the exciting journey for our company together


  1. Able to use graphics editing tools i.e: Photoshop, AI, Indesign
  2. Good communicator. Able to communicate in English 
  3. Don’t mind to work extra hours to get the job done!
  4. Positive attitude (NO blaming, excuses, drama, gossip & complain)
  5. Proactive problem solver and resourceful
  6. Don’t mind to help a team mate in need in their work
  7. Good attitude
  8. Punctual

Added advantage if you have these skills:

  1. Experience in creating banners, posters, editing photos, infographics, 3D
  2. Create awesome presentation slides
  3. Web design (WordPress)
  4. Owns a DSLR or experience in taking great photos
  5. Experience in sales and marketing
  6. Video editing

Other than just doing design, you will be given the opportunity to work directly with the decision makers of the company and gain entrepreneurial experience too!.

What you get to learn:

  • Harsh reality that either beat you down or build you up to be a better talent
  • Entrepreneurial working environment
  • Ground and online Marketing
  • Events and project management
  • Opportunities to network with successful individual
  • Communication skills

If you are interested to join an event company that focuses on curating great contents to help the industry in investment, finance, technology, entrepreneurship and more, please don’t hesitate to apply and send us your portfolio. If we find a fit, we will contact you for a meet up to explain further.

Contact person: Alex Lee

Tel: 603 74974146

Mobile: 010 3633684

Transcendz Marketing PLT

B-16-10 Atria SOFO Suite

Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya

47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Monthly Allowance: Contact us for allowance enquiry


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