Engineering Intern (Software/EE/Mechanical/Mechatronics/Aerospace) (347 views)

Are you interested in solving the impossible? Are you always itching to play with the latest electronics and software? If you answered yes, we’ll love to talk!

As an engineering intern, you will be working together with our team to solve technical challenges. You will be getting your hands dirty designing, building and integrating new technologies & products.

Familiarity with electronics, computer algorithms, data analysis, image processing are highly sought after.

A passion for drones is a MUST!

Key Responsibility:

  • Take full accountability for a project with guidance and support from our team
  • List of available projects:
    • Drone deployment integration
      • You will be optimising our technology deployment workflow, automating manual tasks such as flight planning and ensuring efficient data flow.
    • Image processing & analysis
      • Time is money when our clients are on site. As such, we are required to process images at high speed while ensuring relevant analysis to make decisions.
      • You will be experimenting new ways to optimise image processing speed and testing new algorithms
    • Your project! Tell us if you have a ground-breaking idea and we’ll be sure to keep our ears open!

To apply:

  • Send us an email titled: “Engineering Intern: Application – [YourName]”
  • Include your resume and a short brief on why you’re perfect for this role


  • Basic living allowance
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Access to latest drone tech, gadgets & prototyping equipment

Monthly Allowance: > RM500


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