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Our company, Rass Kenis Group Sdn Bhd has 10 group of companies, with the mothership being the Company Secretary that has been around for more than 10 years. We are an SME with a hybrid business model. We’ll be frank. We want fresh talents who want to grow as leaders. Having the group of companies creates the sense of flexibility in the projects that you’ll be handling. We have 3 specific criteria that we’re looking at in our #dreamteam:

  1. Good attitude. It’s important for us to have a team member who’s a team-player, who loves to try new things, driven (have goals and ambitions) and responsible. This is because we love adventures, we love food, we love sightseeing but most importantly, we love to hit new milestones together. We work hard, play even harder. 
  2. Computer-literate. We’re in the digitalisation phase so yeah. We need you to know how to operate a computer/laptop, know how to handle M.Word, M.Excel and M.Power Point. Even if you don’t, there’s always Youtube, the generous teacher. 😉
  3. Leader-material. Our company is looking to grow exponentially so we want to bring our team together with us. Doesn’t matter what your qualification is, just as long as you have big dreams and the effort to achieve them, you can grow to become a CEO too (we’re serious).

So, are you one of us? If yes, go ahead and apply. 🙂

Internship Duration: 3 months (if you perform, we will absorb you to be full-time).

Monthly Allowance: > RM500


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