Coders / Programmers – Intense Internship Program (560 views)

We are SoLeet Sdn Bhd, young and passionate ICT company, drive to improve and to modernize ICT industry in Malaysia. We are inviting internship students to participate in our program. We are currently looking for internship student for our Intense Internship Program. 
This is a program to train the student to be a versatile full-stack developer within 6 months. Our goal for this program, student who completed the 6 months training you will gain skills and knowledge of full-stack system development as 2 years working experience. You must be passionate c0d3rs and be able to catch-up with latest technologies. REMINDER: THIS IS NOT A SPOONFEED PROGRAM. This is a fast pace and intense program hence we will have to filter your current abilities. 
Please fill up the pre-qualification screening form here -> If you are qualified, we will contact you for an interview.  
Best of luck.

Internship Duration: 6 months

Monthly Allowance: Contact us for allowance enquiry


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