Frontend Developer Internship (130 views)

Kuala Lumpur

Who we need

We’re looking for a new front end developer with a passion for learning and high attention to detail.

No work experience required (if you do, great), although you will need a good understanding of HTML/CSS/JS. Can be self-taught or studied in school, as long as you want to push yourself and do things the right way.

You must love good design, get excited by crating great user experiences and producing high quality work.

Any other languages a plus such as .NET or PHP.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced frontend techniques using CSS3 and JS
  • Developing great experiences using Angular
  • Modern development workflow using task runners and pre-/post-processors
  • Design for responsive experiences
  • Understanding design language and concepts to design quality layouts
  • Best practices in writing and organising code
  • How to work in a modern development and collaborative environment (version control, task management, write proper documentation etc)

Why we want you

Tripovo has a team of 3 developers, we are looking to someone to build upon and expand on what has already been built, by improving the current website. There is also scope to really affect the way new features are designed and implemented.

We want you to be part of a growing and exciting team, to contribute to what we are creating and learn as fast as possible.

When applying, tell us what you are looking to learn the most and by the end of the intership, what you want to have achieved. Any links to work you’ve done is also helpful.

Internship Duration: 3-6 months (flexible)

Monthly Allowance: RM 500


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